Zoram Medical College (ZMC) has continuously been witnessing noteworthy development in various spheres. Growth may be seen in its holdings, users and application of technology. The library is located in the second floor of the main building with ample space for reading. The entire Library is under Air Condition, to maintain moderate temperature for preservation and conservation of Library material. It is well equipped with the latest medical textbooks and journals from national and international publications. It has a power back-up for 24 into 7 to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

The Library Administration is run by a qualified Librarian, assisted by one Deputy Librarian. A section of the library is dedicated as an E-Library with 20 Desktop Computer which enable the user to access the leading medical journals both national and international, E-Books and Open access E-Resources.

Library Services:

Software: ZMC Library is equipped with library management and automation software i.e., LibSYS Ltd. 7 accompanied with KSmart-RFID Library Security Gate, Staff Station + Biometric Reader and PAD antenna. The Software is run with separate main server Computer, which is connected to Client Servers Computer for Data entry, OPAC and Circulation services.  

Library Users: The Library has users among Faculty and students from different Departments. The Library average visitor is around 70 per student a day.


Computer Lab & Internet Services:

The Central Library is equipped with E- Library which consist of 20 computer terminals, Internet facility is available free of cost to the users during the working hours.


Reprography Service:

At present, Library is providing reprography services for all the users of the Library


New Achievement in Modernization of ZMC Library during 2019:

(i)                The Library is automated with LibSYS 7 Ltd. Software, accompanied with KSmart-RFID Tags for Books 2048 Bits Memory Frequency 13.56 MHz, Bio-Metric  Reader, Web OPAC.

(ii)              New Reference Room is introduced and Books were re-arranged according to classification number.

(iii)            Current awareness Service to the users.


Future Plans of the Library:

  1. Institution Repository
  2. SMS Alert
  3. Web OPAC
  4. Digitization of Library
  5. Wi-Fi Connection inside the Library for maximum usage of online product such as books and journals.
  6. D-space software for Institutional Repository.


Library Collection:


Numbers of Book on stack






International Journal (Print & Online)



National Journal






English News paper



Mizo News paper



E- Resources