1.      Name                                           : Dr. Lallukhum Fimate

2.      Date of Birth                               : 1.3.1950 

3.      Place of birth                               : Parbung village, Churachandpur, Manipur, India.

4.      Cast                                               : Hmar Scheduled Tribe.

5.      Educational Qualification           : MBBS (Andhra, 1972), MD (Forensic Medicine) AIIMS,                                                                                          New Delhi (1981)


6.      Fellowship:

a.        WHO Fellow (Canada, U.K., Germany).

b.       FAIMS (Fellow of All Indian Medicos Society). 

c.        Fellow of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine (FIAFM)


7.      Present Post: Director, Zoram Medical College (ZMC), Falkawn, Mizoram


8.      Posts held:

a.       Professor and Head of Forensic Medicine Department, RIMS, Imphal from 1992 till December 2003.

b.      Professor and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, Mujafarnagar Medical College, UP (2010-2011).

c.       Dean, School of Medical Sciences, Manipur University (2004-2008)

d.      Senate and Syndicate member, Manipur University (2004-2009)

e.       Member, Constitution of Steering Committee on Secondary and Tertiary Health Care for Eleventh Five Year Plan, Government of India

f.       Member, Scientific Committee of UNESCO’s Chair in Bio-ethics, (2005 till date)

g.      Member, Medical Council of India from 2004-2010

h.      Member, Ethical Committee of MCI from 2004-2010

i.        President, Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine. (2000-2002)

j.        Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Medical Society, (indexed in Elsevier, Amsterdam) from 2003-2010

k.      Member, National Committee on Updating Viscera Collection for Toxicological Analysis in medico-legal cases.

l.        Member, Board of Studies Manipur University since 1986

m.    Advisor, UPSC, New Delhi from 1996-2010

n.      Member, Scientific Advisory Committee of Regional Medical Research Centre, Dibrugarh, (ICMR) from 2007-2010

o.      Member, Court of Manipur University from 2008-2010

p.      Medico-legal Advisor-cum-Police Surgeon to the Government of Manipur from 1986-2008

q.      Vice President, Indian Society of Toxicology from 2007-2010


 9.      Awards and Honors:

a.       NIKATASO MEDAL from Nikataso University, Japan.

b.      Ramachandra Sai Award from Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine for organizing International Conference of Forensic Medicine, 1998

c.       Seva Chakra Award, by National Conference on Alternative Medicine in recognition of service to the Medical Profession.

d.      Outstanding Achievement Award, by Delhi Hmar Welfare Association.

e.       Gold Medal for Best Outstanding Old-student Award from Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

f.       Excellent Award by Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology in Amity University (October 2008).

g.      International Status Award for Individual Achievement  at International Summit in Bangkok.

h.      Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of activity by IIEM, New Delhi.

i.        Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indian association of Medico-legal Experts, 2016

j.        Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 2019


 10.  Post held in Professional Journals:

a.       Member, Editorial Board of International Journal of Law and Medicine.

b.      Member, International Panel of Editorial Consultant, Journal of Medico-legal Update (an international journal published in Delhi).

c.       Advisor, Editorial Board of Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.

d.      Associate Editor, Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (published in Delhi) 1997-98.

e.       Editor of 1st, 2nd and 4th Medico-legal Bulletin of Medico-legal Society of Manipur.

f.       Senior Staff Advisor, Editorial Board, REMEDY for two terms (A yearly magazine published by the SWC, RIMS).

g.      Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Medical Society (an Indexed Journal) published by Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal


11.  Academic Achievements & Research Experiences:

a.       Research work on ‘Pattern of Cranio-intracranial injuries in fatal vehicular accidents’ as a Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Forensic Medicine) at AIIMS, New Delhi.

b.      Research work under UGC scheme on ‘Radiological Age Determination among Manipuri Girls’.

c.       Research work under Science and Technology, Manipur, on ‘Detection of Bloodstains’. 

d.      Research work on ‘Detection of Spermatozoa from Seminal stains immersed in water’. 

e.       Scientific Papers Published in various Professional Publications       : 55


 12.   Life Membership in Professional Organisations:

a.       Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.

b.      Indian Academy of Forensic Science.

c.       Indian Science Congress.

d.      Indian Medical Association.

e.       All India Medicos Society.

f.       Medico-legal Society of Manipur.

g.      Medical Association of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal.

h.      World Association of Medical Law.

i.        Indian Society of Toxicology.

j.        Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine &Toxicology.



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